Whats Changed?


Hey guys,

Since my last post which was way back in 2016 a lot has changed.

I’ve had a lot of thinking to do and I realised there was a lot about myself I knew, but was running from.  Like the fact that I want to become a freelance make up artist which, has always been an aspiring dream of mine.

As well as that not really wanting to permanently reside in the United Kingdom. I’m a summer baby so when it gets cold in London I just want to escape and unfortunately this winter I wasn’t able too.

Apart from this the fact that I want to also become a practicing Lawyer which is something I am getting closer too.

There have been several obstacles in my life.  I’m sure everyone can say the same when it comes to making a 5+ year plan, you get disheartened when you reach that dreaded date and you know you haven’t met any of those goals, so you aren’t able to tick them off.  I think i’ve been in that positions for a little too long so this year i’ve decided that isn’t happening anymore.

This isn’t a new year new me post because firstly it’s February and secondly who actually sticks to new years resolutions they make. So for me this is just a life change.


This is my motto for 2018, and I know that the only person holding me back is myself. Me being in my own head talking myself down and making me think i’m aiming too high and that everything I want to do is too farfetched when it isn’t.

I’m Back and i’m better! LOL clearly I listen to way too much Bryson Tiller, but yeah this is the beginning of a new chapter, and i’m hoping you’ll come along with me.


P.S thanks Grace for the photo 😉



Swapbox Unboxing with Grace Lee

swapbox main.jpg

Hey guys

Over the Past few months Grace and I have been talking about doing a Swap box and initially planned to do it for christmas but because (I’m such a bad friend, haha) I’ll be going away from October through till January it wouldn’t have worked so we decided to do it before I left.

We decided on a budget of £100 and we had to buy each other goodies. Now i’m not going to lie I was a little sceptical because Grace is such a girly girl she wears pink, she loves rose gold, nudes and pinky nudes for nails and lips and basically everything dainty and feminine whereas I am the total opposite.  I almost always wear black and if not i’ll throw in some white or grey, I love a good dark lip regardless of the season, silver Jewellery over gold or rose gold all day, my theory is the darker the better so I was a little worried I’d be opening up a box full of girly bits and bobs.

I opened my box before Grace got hers and the first thing I opened was a rainbow cat toy which can I just say my cat loves, when i’m too busy cooking or too lazy to told it i put it on a table and let the ball hang and she literally entertains herself till if falls and then still plays with it while its on the floor, cats are weird their entertained by the simplest things, but I haven’t got a picture of it because I don’t actually know where it is right now.



The next thing I opened was this Necklace which I absolutely love, I’ve worn it already out for dinner with friends it is actually amazing. I did want to take pictures of me wearing it because this photo is crappy and doesn’t do it any justice but if any of you know Grace you know she is pretty impatient and regardless of us planning to synchronies my post with her video she posted hers anyway so i guess this picture will have to do.



Next was this necklace which I have wanted forever, now i’m not sure if i ever showed this to Grace and told her I wanted it, but i do know that I added it to a wishlist blog post ages ago so if she remembered from that post she’s good and can I just add that the two necklaces can be layered I’ve worn them like that and they look so good together as well as on their own.

swapbox bracelet.jpg

Next was this bracelet which I haven’t worn yet, Im actually going to a wedding on 14th ish October so i’m saving it for that I actually cant wait to wear it with the necklace they’ll look really good together.

swapbox smashbox.jpg       

Next were these two smashbox items and I should have known she was going to get me the Insta-Matte Lipstick transformer, we were in boots and she showed me it and I loved it.       I prefer matte lips over any other finish because they tend to last longer but with this they don’t dry out as quickly which is amazing, i have a thing about dry lips.

The Lash primer is amazing I used it the following morning and despite poking myself in the eye with it which I tend to do a lot with mascara wands it made my lashes super long. I’m really weird, because I used to work in beauty I can put lashes on people in minutes but when it comes to putting them on myself it takes some time so i’ll just stick to using this primer for now.

swapbox opi.jpg

Next was these OPI goodies, at an event we both attended we were given diy gel kits and my theory has always been you can use any gel colour as long as your base coat and top coat are a good quality, I may be wrong but it has worked well for me so far, I’ve been using the cuccio base and top coat and they are pretty good but I have been dying to try the OPI ones since the last beauty show we went to together, I think that was probably last year so I got extremely happy when I saw these.

swap casetify1.jpg


Lastly was this Casetify case or should i say these two cases, Castify cases are basically an outer housing with an interchangeable back, we initially planned to get cases together because they had an offer on and then somehow Grace talked me out of it, now I know its because she had already purchased it for me.  If you know me then you’ll know I love giraffes  like love love them so, I previously had a giraffe case but it wasn’t a very practical one i dropped my phone and broke it.

I have also wanted a black marble case for a while now but just never got round to buying one, at the time I had a skinny dip phone case on y phone and since receiving this the black marble case has been on my phone and i love it.

Thanks Grace I love everything and Im glad you liked all the goodies I got for you.

If you haven’t all ready go watch her video and let me know what you think of it.

Thanks for reading guys.


Pink Parcel|Its A Monthly Thing

Pink Parcel is a Monthly subscription box designed for us girls to cope with our dreaded monthly visitor, every girl knows periods are a pain in more ways than one so anything to help us through that dreaded week is okay with me.

pink parcel

I was asked to review April’s parcel and I was so excited when I got it in the Mail.                To begin with you visit their website and choose your preference of tampons, towels or a mixture of both and they have a wide selection of brands to choose from.  Next you enter the date your last period started on? How long it usually lasts for?  approximately how many days are in your cycle? and when your next period will start?

Of course not everyone keeps a track if their cycle i never used too, id just go through the months hoping it wouldn’t come as one does. So if you are anything like I used to be then it helps that you get to choose your parcel delivery dates.

I did a mini unboxing video showing exactly what’s inside this months box so do check that out before reading on and let me know what you think if my first ever stop motion.

pink parcel 10.jpg

There are four different sections to the pink parcel firstly the ‘For Now’ pouch which consists of your chosen pads or tampons and this is for you to pop in your bag ready for when ever your period decided to grace you with its presence, we all know this can happen whenever and where ever so thats why I love this little pouch, its small and discreet and stops you having to pop tampons or towels up your sleeves or shove them in your pockets.

pink parcel 1

The ‘For Later’ is two boxes of your chosen tampons or towels to last you the rest of your period.

pink parcel 2

‘For You’ is definitely my favourite, Its a box packed to the brim with goodies for you to eat, drink and indulge in, and it sure did cheer me up the first thing I saw when I opened up the box was the True Brit nail polish and that on its own put a smile on my face.

pink parcel 3.jpg

I do love a bit of True Brit so seeing they were part of this months parcel is amazing and I cant wait to try this colour out, this shade is called Pink Parcel.

pink parcel 4

This New CID i-smoulder looked interesting, especially because I generally can’t apply eyeshadow to save my life and end up looking like a clown so maybe this will help me get my eye-make up game on point and if i struggle i’ll just use it as an eyebrow pencil, so its a win win in my eyes.

pink parcel 5

The Boozi French Martini Hand Cream is such a handy size and is going straight in my handbag, I use hand cream on a regular basis and this one being in a canister with a pump makes it that much easier to find and use and not to mention it smells amazing and leaves your hands feeling silky smooth.

pink parcel 6

The Edible treats this month were Mallow and Marsh’s coconut marshmallow bar that unfortunately got demolished a few seconds after taking the picture, Tea Pigs Chamomile tea which I love for those stressful days you have generally right at the start of your period and Nairn’s oatcakes that are absolutely delicious with cheese.

pink parcel 7.jpg

Lastly was this pomegranate & Paw Paw face mask which I cant wait to try, all these goodies are amazing for when I want to have a pamper/duvet day.

pink parcel 8.jpg

The ‘For Down There’ box had Sass refreshing wipes and I have tried quite a few Sass products and they have all been very good so i’m sure there will be no exception for this one.

pink parcel 9.jpg

Pink Parcel is one of those monthly subscription boxes everyone should try and you can get yours by visiting their website, your first box is only £9.95 and then £12.99 including postage thereafter so what are you waiting for give yourself something to look forward too next month.

Are you subscribed to Pink Parcel? if so what do you think? let me know

Until next time




SASS is a new Intimate skin care brand that have created a range of products for us ladies to healthily maintain our lady gardens.

As most of you know using shower gel or soap down there is a no no so I have tried quite few intimate products in my day, and has taken me a while to do this post because I wanted to use the products for long enough so I can review it properly.


Firstly I love the detail they put into their packaging and the illustrations that are on all the different sample cards their attention to detail is amazing, I can’t think of many companies that care as much about their packaging as SASS do.



Grace and I got to briefly speak to the SASS representative at the Beauty bar event and she gifted us some samples to try and explained a little bit about the company. We then attended the Olympia Beauty Show and Sass were there so we got to talk to the helpful SASS representative there who was able to talk us through the products again and gave us an in depth explanation into what they were all good for and when to use them.


I haven’t used all of the products yet, but I have used the Intimate Purifying Cleanser, which we were given a sample bottle of but we also got given a bigger bottle of it in the Pink Parcels we received on the day which I was I was extremely happy about because the SASS Cleanser is amazing.


I also used the Intimate Soothe & Smooth Shave Gel, which was also given to us as a sample but I purchased a full sized bottle at the Olympia Beauty Show mostly because even though I don’t shave often because I don’t exactly need too when I do I tend to use whatever I find in the bathroom so I think it’s about that time where I start buying my own shave gel, and it is actually the best thing I’ve used. I have never shaved so fast or easily, can I just say I have cut myself shaving down there before and it was not an experience I would wish on anybody so I recommend SASS shave gel to all you ladies who shave it’s so good, it helps reduce ingrowing hairs and is crystal clear and non foaming so you can see what your doing, you won’t regret it trust me.

I will definitely be repurchasing SASS because, not only are they discreet when it comes to leaving the bottles in shared bathroom’s they are actually fantastic products that every woman should try so make sure you check out their full range of products.

Do let me know if you have tried any SASS products and what your thoughts are and of course I’d be happy to answer any questions.

Until next time


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Gallardo & Blaine Designs @ Bloggers Fashion Week

Gallardo and Blaine Designs are a handmade Jewellery company who totally stood out at Bloggers Fashion Week because their Jewellery was so beautiful, The pieces I loved the most from the event and couldn’t take my eyes off of were the Dragonfly Ring in Mystic Topaz and the Heart Dragonfly Pendant in Blue Topaz

dragonfly ring mystic topaz             Dragonfly Heart Blue Topaz WR-460x430

Even Though Dragonflies scare the hell out of me they are actually really pretty.

At the Bloggers Fashion Week Event Gallardo & Blaine were lovely enough to gift me these beautiful pale blue studs which are the prettiest shade of blue I have seen.

I don’t wear earrings very often but these ones are so pretty I might hate to make an exception.



I figured wearing something blue would compliment the colour of the earrings and as it was such a nice day I decided to get away for my all black wardrobe.

I want to thank Gallardo & Blaine again for the Lovely earrings and don’t forget to have a look at their other beautifully designed pieces here.

I think this brand is lovely and has very intricately designed pieces of Jewellery that everyone would love to wear. What are your thoughts on Gallardo and Blaine Designs?

Until Next time


Miglio Jewellery @ Bloggers fashion week


Miglio Jewellery is a beautiful designer Jewellery brand made in Cape Town, South Africa that have customisable jewellery pieces and that is what I love about the brand, you can buy standard pieces but they also have bracelets and necklaces that you can extend and shorten to give you a different look each time you wear, the image below shows one of the customisable necklaces you can purchase it as it come or buy extension pieces to add to the length.


My favourite piece from the bloggers fashion week event is probably the cuff bracelet, it is such an original design and I haven’t seen anything like it before, I love the floral arabesque detailing and feel like it would definitely compliment my style.


At Bloggers Fashion Week The Lovely brand ambassador from Miglio gave us a brief run down of the story behind the brand as well as gifting us this beautiful necklace which is also customisable, you can add pieces on to it to make it into a bigger statement piece or wear it as it as for those days when you done want anything to extreme.



I think I will end up customising mine and making it into a statement necklace, you can never have enough statement pieces in my opinion.

What kind of Jewellery are you into for this season?

Until next time


The Bloggers Hangout | Bloggers Fashion Week


Hey Lovelies last Monday I went to Bloggers Fashion Week which was held in the OXO tower with Grace from Queen Beach and it was such an amazing experience, I haven’t attended many events like this and so I was really excited.
There was a fashion show, as well as brands doing make overs and mimi manicures as well as a gifting lounge which hosted several brands that had beautiful products to share with us.

bloggers fashion week


The first brand we saw when we walked into the Gifting lounge was Miglio Jewellery and their jewellery was so beautiful I fell in love with everything they had displayed.

Miglio Jewelry
Miglio Jewelry

We were given loads of background information about the company and their products as well as being gifted a beautiful necklace that I will be talking about in different post.

True Brit London
True Brit London

True Brit London, as the name stated they are a True British Brand. They are a Luxury nail enamel brand that carry  shades that are all British themed and I want them all I was so excited when I saw them and the first bottle that caught my eye as I walked over to them was ‘Hairloom’ the rose gold one and thats the exact one we were gifted which we were so pleased with the bottles are so pretty and I can’t wait to show you.

maison ves
Maison Ves

Maison Ves was the gorgeous hashtag candle company that were elegantly packaged and had fun hashtags along the bottom where were so cute and quirky. Everyone loves a good candle so why not have some fun with it.

Can we just take a moment to admire the beauty that is Maison Ves and can I just say these candles smell amazing I loved the christmas one and as i am obsessed with coconut and vanilla that was also a favourite.  I think someone needs to buy me one of these for christmas hint hint Grace.

Gallardo & Blaine Designs
Gallardo & Blaine Designs

Gallardo & Blaine Designs had such beautifully eye catching Jewellery that every girl would want to get her hands on I had so much fun trying on the rings and imagining they were all mine. I was so amazed to find out all the pieces were handmade which i think is such a nice touch knowing the ladies take so much time and care into making such beautiful pieces. We were lucky enough to be gifted a pair of beautiful earrings each which I will be showing in another post so keep an eye out for that.

Valmont Cosmetics
Valmont Cosmetics

Valmont is a Luxury cosmetics brand that is known for their skincare which they had at the event as well as their newly launched fragrance collection which all smelt absolutely amazing we went home smelling good enough to eat.

keep an eye out for more post about the goodies I received.
Until next time